Next Generation Sensors
Bringing the lab to the sample


Managing Director (Dr. Sarfaraz Syed)

Profile: Dr. Sarfaraz Syed is the founder and chief executive officer of NG sensors BV. Dr Syed has over 5 years of experience in leading and executing business growth in small to medium enterprises. In addition, over 10 years of research and development, consultancy, project management, business development and sales experience in the field of portable Mass Spectrometry. He is also co-inventor of several patents, author of high impact peer-reviewed journal and conference publications in the field of portable MS. 
Dr. Sarfaraz Syed also held the role as Business Development Manager at Amsterdam Scientific Instruments between March 2015 and December 2016. 

Business Development Manager (Hugo Nikkel)

Profile: Hugo works as a business development manager at and is co-owner at NG Sensors BV . In the past Hugo worked as Senior Manager at Deloitte, Grants and Incentives and as Director at Koenen and Co Subsidy Advisors. Hugo have extensive experience in managing and developing projects and startups. In addition, a lot of experience with project leadership in acquisition and accountability processes with various (international) project partners

 ICT Developer (Jude Antonyswamy Lazer)

Profile: Jude Lazer, after working as a CRM consultant for top companies like General Electric and British Telecom for several years, he started his own consulting business to provide software solutions for large scale implementations and implementing enterprise business applications. Jude has extensive experience in business analysis, system analysis, solution design and development in the software industry. He has a strong passion for exploring and helping new business ventures. At NG Sensors BV, Jude is responsible for software development and is head of infrastructure. Jude also co-owns NG Sensors BV. 

CTO (Dr. Mariya Anthony Joseph)

 Dr. Mariya Anthony Joseph, a PhD in the field of portable mass spectrometer instrument design from the University of Liverpool. She specializes in design or embedded electronics for MS instruments. Before the PhD, she held the role of Project Engineer at Wipro, Chennai, India. At NG Sensors BV, she is responsible for management and implementation of technical activities.  


System Analyst (Namrata Mahesh Kumar)

Namrata works as a system analyst for NG Sensors BV. Namrata has a degree in telecommunications engineering and has worked in the past as a solution engineer for Pegasystems and software engineer for Aricent. Namrata also has a Masters in Digital Economy in from MSM - Maastricht University. At NG Sensors she is responsible for business and software analysis. 

Business Case Developer (Elmo Sevdican)

Elmo works at NG Sensors BV as a business case developer. Elmo has a degree in international business studies from Hogeschool Zuyd

Operations (Hajera Noorain)

Hajera works as a part-time operations assistant at NG Sensors. Hajera has a Masters Degree in Business and has done at Internship at HSBC, Hyderabad, India in Customer Satisfaction in the past

Rens Klassen (Research Assistant -  Intern)

Rens works at NG Sensors BV as a research assistant working on novel applications development of HMCS technology. Parallel to his research internship, Rens is a graduate student in Forensic Chemistry at Avans University of Applied Sciences.